Thanks to his on-going collaboration with Dan Knights Lab at the University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the American Gut Consortium, Emmanuel Montassier has co-authored several high-quality papers that highlight his expertise in bio-informatical analysis of the intestinal microbiota, including data produced by 16s RNA sequencing, shot-gun sequencing and coming soon metabolomics. Emmanuel supervises Master and PhD students in this rapidly evolving area in order to constitute a microbiota bio-informatical analysis team.

Recent publications with the Dan Knights Lab

Montassier, E., G.A. Al-Ghalith, B. Hillmann, K. Viskocil, A.J. Kabage, C.E. McKinlay, M.J. Sadowsky, A. Khoruts, and D. Knights. 2018. CLOUD: a non-parametric detection test for
microbiome outliers. Microbiome 6:137.

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Al-Ghalith, Gabriel A., Emmanuel Montassier, Henry N. Ward, and Dan Knights (2016) NINJA-OPS: Fast Accurate Marker Gene Alignment Using Concatenated Ribosomes. PLoS Computational Biology 12(1): e1004658.